Concert with Klezmer Loshn (FRANCE)

07sept13:3014:30Concert with Klezmer Loshn (FRANCE)The synagogue13:30 - 14:30 Buy tickets here

Kjøp billett her

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Klezmer music in classical wrapping!

Get excited about an untraditional expression with old klezmer repertoire from the Jewish shtetls! Klezmer Loshn creates an expression of virtuosity and perfection that still manages to preserve the characteristics of traditional klezmer music. They capture everything from the playfulness of the lively klezmer melodies to the deepest melancholy.

Klezmer Loshn plays concerts with klezmer music, but also works by great composers inspired by themes in folk and traditional music, works by Térezin composers, and works that were once labeled as degenerate music by the German Nazi regime.




07/09/24 13:30 - 14:30


The synagogue

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