Lecture with Bjørn Westlie and Ingeborg Solbrekken

03sept12:00Lecture with Bjørn Westlie and Ingeborg SolbrekkenThe synagogue12:00(GMT+02:00)


The first lecture by historian and author Bjørn
Westlie about his two books “Det norske jødehatet” and “Mørke år”, then lecture
by Ingeborg Solbrekken about her book “Jøden og jorden”. Solbrekken tells here
about the deep anti-Semitism in the village of Vang in Valdres, which went beyond the Jewish
the farmer Hans Salomon and his wife Gunvor. In the book Solbrekken tells, among other things
that Salomon’s bank account was robbed during World War II while he was
refugee in Sweden and how the bank denied her access to the bank account when she
work on the book.

Where: The synagogue
Ticket price NOK 100



03-09-2023 12:00(GMT+02:00)


The synagogue

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